American Tao Kung Fitness

American Tao-Kung Fitness is a new form of exercise that is both fun and gentle. It is a complete system of exercises and calisthenics based on the principles of Tai-Chi and Boxing.  It is a complete fitness program designed to help any practitioner, from age “six to sixty”, regardless of present condition, reach their full potential in holistic health and wellness.

What makes Tao-Kung Fitness so effective? The secret training methods from the ancient internal martial arts training has been carefully integrated into today’s scientific principles and training methods of fitness. The effect of this formula, when performed properly, will leave the practitioner feeling astonished with their results.

The main focus of each class is to set the practitioner on a path toward discovering their own style of Tao-Kung routine and teach them to execute their routine mindfully and without injury. The staff will assist the practitioner through the hurdles associated with personal challenge…both mentally and physically.

Some of the Results the practitioner may expect regardless of age or fitness level:

Look and Feel Healthier

Improved Health and Fitness Levels

Improved Speed and Power

Improved Balance and Flexibility

Improved Endurance

Improved Internal Body Composition

Higher Degree of Proprioception and Neuromuscular Coordination

Higher Mental Concentration, Greater Focus, Relaxed Awareness

Higher Self Esteem, Greater Self Confidence


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