Rules to The Gym


There are Two Cardinal Rules Why We Train

  1. To Exercise Pain and Weakness Out of the Body
  2. To Exorcise Sin and Corruption Out of the Mind

There are Twelve General Rules

  1. No Lying to Self or Others
  2. No Cheating on Self or Others
  3. No Stealing from Self or Others
  4. Pay Strict Attention to All Instructions from Our Highest Powers
  5. Your Mind Must Never Wander
  6. When in Trouble Stop, Look and Listen to Your Instincts
  7.  Make Fun Out of the Challenges in Life
  8. Always Seek and Follow the True “Genuine Orderly Directions” of Your Conscience and Seek the “Justice,  Equality, Salvation, Uniqueness, and Sovereignty” in Life
  9. Know the Difference Between “the Rich” and “the Poor” and from “the Needy” and “the Greedy”
  10. Remember Awareness is Both Subjective AND Objective. Therefor, Never Speak Subjectively, Only Objectively
  11. Be Aware of the Difference between “Speaking” and “Transmitting”: One REQUIRES Words while the Other REQUIRES Actions
  12. Silence Your Mind AND Relax Your Awareness at ALL Times. “THIS IS THE GOAL OF TAI CHI”